My core values

Matching values are the foundation of any human relationship.

Obviously, the below are my work related core values and I have many other personal values (not that interesting in regard to work) that I learned from my parents, family, friends, teachers, etc. In relation to work, knowing your coworker's core values is like having a manual to that person. I highly encourage you to talk about values within your team and organization. A great approach to do this is to create Personal Maps or to talk about Value Stories. It would be beneficial to any company to involve managers or even company owners to share their values as their cumulated values make up the company values. That is right, it is not the other way around. I would even include this exercise into the recruitment process to find the right colleague for a team. 


You can trust me to always tell you the truth. I don't sugar coat things. I don't lie due to management or office political reasons. Please, respect me and don't ask to participate in any of that. 


I value other people's time and arrive at meetings in time. I also do my best to meet all deadlines.  In those rare occasions when I am unable, I'll always communicate it upfront. 


You can trust me to show up, do my best, and get the work done. 


I am an engineer. No further explanation is needed. :)


I am an avid reader and a constant learner. I have an ever growing reading backlog, listen to podcasts, and regularly pop into edX, Coursera, etc. Learning and reading keeps the mind young. 


I am curious. I love to try out, explore, experience, and learn new things. 


I value knowledge. I value the time and effort put into getting an expert in a certain area. This core value is also a wish value. Although I have some knowledge about topics I am interested in, I always find new things to learn or improve my knowledge. 


This post was highly influenced by Jurgen Appelo's work